PMTC Young Leaders Education Bursary Award

Each year the PMTC will award 1 PMTC Young Leader and 1 Mohawk College Supply Chain Management Program Student with an Education Bursary, which will cover the costs for the recipient to complete 2 of the 4 courses that are required to complete the “PMTC Logistics Management Graduate Program”.

This program is an intensive 4 course program that, when completed, will arm the new emerging leader with the skills and confidence necessary to successfully climb the ranks in his or her company and become a successful leader in their organization. The award will help promote investment in the training needs of the future young leaders of our great industry.  For candidates lacking the necessary corporate funding to pursue the PMTC Logistics Management Program.

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Scholarship Eligibility

To be deemed eligible to apply for, and receive, a PMTC Education Bursary, candidates must meet the following criteria:

1.    Must be employed by a current PMTC member company, or be a child of a PMTC member company employee.
2.    Must be nominated by his or her member company.
3.    The employer must submit a letter stating why they think their nominee is a good candidate for the award, and what succession plan they have in mind for the graduate.
4.    The Young Leader must submit a resume that at minimum states their education, work history, and any volunteer or community service work performed.
5.    The Young Leader must submit a 650 to 1000 word essay stating why they think they are a good candidate for the award, and what their own personal goals for advancement are within the transportation industry
Additional Criteria and Guidelines
a)    Once the bursary is awarded, the student must register for the next available semester with CITT.
b)    The Young Leader must enroll for Transportation Systems and Logistics Process, and these 2 courses must be completed within 1 year from the start of the next available semester.
c)    The PMTC member company, or individual, is responsible to pay the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT) for the course(s) up front when they register, and they will be reimbursed by PMTC once the course(s) have been successfully completed.
d)    The student is encouraged to complete the other 2 courses at a later date, in order to receive the PMTC Graduate Diploma. However this is not a requirement.

The recipient will be selected by a panel that consists of 1 PMTC fleet representative, 1 PMTC associate representative, 1 PMTC agency representative, and the PMTC president. The president will oversee the program, but will not vote. Scoring of the application will be done as follows

Employer Nomination letter                = 35%

Young Leader Application letter          = 35%

Resume/Work history                         = 20%

Community Service Work                   = 10%

2023 Winners:

Nick Subramaniam
(Wellington Group of Companies)


Udomsinachi Obiama (Mohawk College)
with Leanne Drummond (CPC Logistics),
Marily Surber (Tenstreet)

2022 Winners:

Michael Zelek (Wellington Motor Freight
with Matt Richardson (KRTS)

Valeri Sena Aguirre 

with Matt Richardson (KRTS)

2020 Winners:

Leanne Drummond (Paul Quail Transport)

Sud Malhotra (Powerbev Inc) 

2019 Winners: 

Leanne Drummond (Paul Quail Trasport)
Matt Carr 
(CPC Logistics)

2018 Winners: 
David Parsons (Sleeman Breweries)
Marcus Mares 
(Trimble Transportation)  

2017 Winners:

Andre Parent (Superior Propane)
Edwin Chestnut 
(Sleeman Breweries) 

2016 Winner:
Mathew Carr (Huron Services Group a CPC Logistics Company)


The PMTC Logistics Management Certification Program will be awarded when all 4 of the courses below have been completed. The courses must be taken in the order that they are listed. Anyone who is an employee, or a child of an employee, is eligible to sign up for the courses through CITT at any time.  The PMTC Logistics Management Certification Diploma will be awarded once proof of all 4 courses being completed and passed is presented to PMTC, and verified by CITT.

  1. Transportation System
  2. Logistics Process
  3. Logistics Decision Modelling
  4. Business Approach to Writing 

2020 Winner:
Leanne Drummond
(CPC Logistics Canada)

2019 Winner:
Matt Carr
(CPC Logistics Canada)