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These articles present PMTC's opinions on trucking issues from the perspective of private carriers. Your comments are invited and can be addressed to

July 2022
PMTC recomendations to the National Supply Chain Task Force  Read Full Article Here

March/April 2022
Items to address prior to the January 2023 Federal ELD Enforcement date  Read Full Article Here.
November 2021
Double Vaccination Mandates problematic to the supply chain.  
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September 2021 

As the 4th wave arrives, we must ensure essential workers are allowed access to their essential needs.  
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May 2021 

Action needed on continued pause of New Fast Card Application Approvals  
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February 2021

Transport Canada needs to address Industry Concerns on ELD Timelines in a meaningful way, and we can use your help!  
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November 2020

Time for an announced ELD deferral is now  Read Full Article Here

Safety & Compliance - Clock is Ticking on Canadian ELD Compliance
October/November 2020
Are your employees properly trained for working safely with the COVID-19 reality? 
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September 2020

The image of the Professional Driver has changed, and the Industry needs to take advantage of that!   Read Full Article Here
May 2020

There is no better time to recognize your workers than now  Read Full Article Here
March 2020

Companies need Protection from high, unregulated tow fees in emergency situations  Read Full Article Here
December 2019

Temporary Foreign Workers Program for the Trucking Industry needs tightened up​ 
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(October 5th, “How an immigration scheme steers newcomers into Canadian trucking jobs and puts lives at risk”)
September 2019 
Truck Insurance Market Issues   Read Full Article Here
May 2019
Reduced load periods, time for an update!  
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Feb/March 2019
Driver Turnover, Pay and recruitment   Read Full Artticle Here