President's Message

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for expressing an interest in the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada.  As a former driver, trainer and fleet manager, I know how challenging, yet rewarding an industry this can be. The trucking community is one that looks to help and support one another. I know first hand how valuable a resource the PMTC can be, as prior to becoming the President, I was a member for 11 years, and a board member for 5.

Membership gave me, as it will you, the equivalent of an extra office – one that is a resource for transportation and labour questions, information, and issues that fleet managers must deal with. The PMTC helps you keep your fleet running smoothly and without incident.

Because our members are seldom in competition with one another they are often willing to share information or advice, and as a PMTC member you have access to the experience of those fleet managers. Our office is adept at finding other private fleets willing to share experience in areas in which you have questions.

PMTC ensures that its members have current information with respect to regulatory change and management practices. We do this through a communications program that includes a monthly newsletter, a magazine, an electronic bulletin service, our website, seminars dealing with current issues, and our annual conference. The annual conference provides first class educational opportunities, a chance to celebrate some of the good things in trucking, and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other fleet managers and industry suppliers. Members who attend our annual conferences universally praise the seminar content and the contacts they make, simply by investing some of their time.  

The PMTC is well known for effectively educating government about the issues affecting private fleet operators. The PMTC is consulted by federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions routinely to help shape and form regulations prior to them becoming enacted. We ensure our members views are heard.

I would love the opportunity to speak with you more about the PMTC and how we can help your organization.


     Mike Millian