SFC Renewal Process Change Fall 2022

Dear Manitoba Motor Carrier,

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) regulates the operation of heavy commercial vehicles registered in the Province of Manitoba. The Manitoba Highway Traffic Act (HTA) defines a regulated vehicle as a motor vehicle or trailer that has a registered gross weight of 4,500 kg or more.
Section 312.2 of the HTA states that carriers must have a valid safety fitness certificate (SFC) to operate a regulated vehicle in Manitoba. SFCs are renewed annually and a valid SFC is required to register a regulated vehicle in Manitoba. The purpose of this letter is to provide notification of changes to the SFC annual renewal process starting in the fall of 2022.
Current Process:
The Motor Carrier Safety and Permits Branch of MTI issues SFCs for Manitoba-based operators. These SFCs are valid for 1 year. The current SFC renewal process is as follows:
 - The carrier receives notification that their SFC is expiring approximately 6 weeks before the expiration date.
 - Included with the notification is an application for renewing the SFC. Carriers are expected to update the information on their application before returning it to the department.
 - Carriers are currently required to provide proof of adequate insurance as part of their annual SFC renewal process.
New Process after December 1, 2022:
Carriers will be required to provide additional information during the renewal process for all SFCs that expire on or after December 1, 2022.
What stays the same?
 - The Safety Program will continue to send carriers notification that their SFC is expiring in approximately 6 weeks. Carriers with a SFC that expires on December 1, 2022 or later will be informed that they fall under the new renewal process.
 - Carriers will still be expected to provide proof of insurance and to update the information on their SFC application.
What is changing?
The following new information will be required:
 - Proof of valid periodic mandatory vehicle inspection (PMVI) – Manitoba requires that regulated vehicles are mechanically sound and inspected regularly as specified in the Period Mandatory Vehicle Inspection Regulation. Carriers will be required to provide proof that all their regulated vehicles have a valid PMVI certificate at the time that their SFC is renewed.
 - Vehicle kilometres traveled – Carriers will be asked to provide the total kilometres traveled by their fleet in the last year. The annual vehicle kilometres travelled can be easily obtained for each truck by subtracting the odometer reading on the vehicle's previous PMVI certificate from the odometer reading on the current PMVI certificate. Add all the annual vehicle kilometres travelled together to get the total kilometres travelled for your fleet.
 - Carrier Representative Authorization (if applicable) – Some carriers work with transportation consultants or an insurance broker to complete their SFC application. Carriers will be required to explicitly identify who they authorize to interact with Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure on their behalf with respect to their SFC requirements or their carrier profile information.
The department is also using this letter to inform you that a 45-day consultation period is currently underway for changes to the Safety Fitness Criteria and Certificates Regulation. Most of the proposed changes to the regulation impact new motor carriers operating in Manitoba, however there are some implications for existing carriers. To learn more about the changes to the regulations and to provide comments, visit the Manitoba Regulatory Consultation Portal at Comments are invited starting on October 13, 2022 and close at midnight on November 28, 2022.
Should you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the Motor Carrier Safety Program at 204-945-5322.

Janice Miller
Motor Carrier Safety and Permits
Transportation Operations Division
Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure