PMTC Comments on the Final Report from the National Supply Chain Task Force

For Immediate Release
October 7, 2022

Milton, ON: The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) was happy to be involved and included in this task force. The final report  includes many of PMTC's recommendations for the road transportation network. We thank the Supply Chain chairs and committee for engaging with our membership and the industry, and we thank the government of Canada for putting the Task Force together. The key now is that the key recommendations are acted upon and the necessary work to get the projects in place and started occurs in a timely manner.

Some of the recommendations that the PMTC asked for in its communications that have been included in this report are. (see attached for our full list of recommendations)
  • Twinning of highway 185 between New Brunswick and Quebec.
  • Regulatory harmonization between jurisdictions to improve efficiencies and reduce costs and burdens.
  • Open up more consistent funding avenues to allow new entrants to the industry to have access to training funds to cover the costs of Mandatory Entry level training.
  • Improved programs for accessing foreign workers, with a pathway to permanent residency. (we must however ensure we have proper oversight that reduces the chances of abuse of the foreign workers by the very companies and consultants that engage with eh foreign workers to bring them into Canada).
While not all of PMTC's asks were included, we look at this report as a very positive first step with many great recommendations included that can help reduce congestion at our ports, air terminals and on the road, as well as help address some of the critical supply chain shortages. The PMTC looks forward to continuing to work and collaborate with the Task Force, the Government of Canada as well as the Provinces and Territories to help make these recommendations a reality.
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PMTC Comments on the Final Report from the National Supply Chain Task Force
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