PMTC’s position on CCMTA Federal ELD Enforcement Timelines Announcement

For Immediate Release
March 7, 2022

PMTC's position on CCMTA Federal ELD Enforcement Timelines Announcement
Earlier today the CCMTA released a message to industry on Federal ELD Enforcement timelines. 
The full enforcement date was set to take effect on June 12th of this year. In the release, which can be accessed below, the CCMTA have announced that full enforcement of the Federal ELD Regulation will be delayed until January 1st of 2023. The current regime of enforcement through education & awareness will continue until that time.

“The PMTC is in favour of the delay of full enforcement of the ELD mandate. While we have always been in full support of the ELD regulation, the continued issues with a lack of approved devices have continued to plague the mandate, and although we now have 22 approved, industry has not been provided enough of a runway to select a device of their choice and implement it into their fleet in time for the June 12th deadline. We are also waiting for a PKI vendor and system to be announced by Transport Canada that allows for ELD data to be transferred securely from the device to enforcement personnel, as well as enforcement protocols, training and how the regulation will be enforced uniformly between jurisdictions. This final delay provides enough time for industry to select a new approved device, or transition from their current device, in time to comply with the mandate, as well as provide enough time for regulators to address some of the issues mentioned. I suspect this will be the last delay in full enforcement we can expect to see, and carriers should ensure they are fully prepared to comply by January of 2023.”