Private motor truck council of Canada




Benchmarking yourself against other like minded and similar business operations is a key way to see how you stack up against others. It allows you to validate your performance based on comparative peer data, identify areas of improvement and opportunity, and to highlight significant trends affecting your operations.

There are many benchmarking products and services out there in the transportation industry, and many of them provide great information. One thing is missing from the Canadian Marketplace however, and that is a Benchmarking Tool that is specifically designed with the private and dedicated fleet operator in mind.  

Starting in 2017, in conjunction with the National Private Truck Council (NPTC), the PMTC will be introducing the “PMTC Canadian Benchmarking Survey Report”. This will be the first specific Canadian Private Fleet Benchmarking Report issued since 2011.

 The PMTC has engaged with a great partner to ensure the benchmarking tool that will be provided to it’s members will be of top quality, right out of the gate. Our partner, the NPTC, the private fleet representatives south of the border, have been producing a private fleet benchmarking survey annually since 2005. This survey is an invaluable tool to their members, and is a highly-respected product. The PMTC formed a Benchmarking Survey Committee to review the current NPTC survey and make amendments to it to ensure it had a truly Canadian flavour, and was representative of what our member fleets wanted to compare. With the guidance and expertise of the NPTC on producing a high-quality benchmarking tool, and the PMTC’s benchmarking committee experience on operating in the Canadian market, you can be assured the first edition of this survey will be a must read for PMTC member fleets.

The Benchmarking Report will be completed in time for our AGM and Conference in June. A high-level summary of the report will be presented at our conference, and the final report will be distributed to all PMTC members at no cost.  This is simply another value-added product, a benefit of your membership.

All fleets are welcome to participate but only PMTC and NPTC members will receive a copy of the final report.