Private motor truck council of Canada




Infastructure Health & Safety Association

IHSA is a leader in health and safety education. Through skills-based training, auditing, and evaluation, we provide safety solutions to those who perform high-risk activities such as working at heights, working with energized high-voltage power systems, driving motor vehicles, transporting dangerous goods, working on suspended access equipment, and utility line clearing.

Alberta Motor Transport Association
Represents all sectors of the highway transportation industry, enhances workplace safety and fosters a  healthy, vibrant industry.

Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association
The collective voice of the road transport industry in Atlantic Canada.

BC Trucking Association
A province-wide, non-partisan, non-profit motor carrier association formed solely to advance the interests of British Columbia motor carriers.

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association of Ontario
Committed to ensuring that management and workers share equal responsibility in helping to promote and enhance the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being to all their workers' endeavours.

L'Association du camionnage du Québec
Caring for road transportation in Quebec.

Manitoba Trucking Association
Exists to develop and maintain a safe and healthy business environment for our industry members in Manitoba.

One of the largest trucking associations in North America, OTA is the only trucking association in Ontario that represents all segments of the industry: For-Hire carriers, Private carriers, Intermodal, Suppliers etc.

Saskatchewan Trucking Association
Working to improve the trucking industry in Saskatchewan.

Trucking Human Resource Sector Council Atlantic
A not for profit organization who works with the trucking industry to address human resource issues through the development of innovative initiatives and programs.

A large number of Registered Private Vocational Schools and other organizations, specializing in truck driver training came together to formulate the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario. One of the TTSAO’s principle concerns is to ensure that all drivers entering the field maintain a minimum level of knowledge and ability consistent not only with the needs of their employers, but for the safety of the general public with whom they interact with each day. 


Green Freight Assessment Programs (GFAP) 

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SmartDriver 1

Mark Dalton just wants to make a living behind the wheel, but trouble always seems to find him. This time, trouble is named Jimmy, a brash young man Mark must coach during an eye-opening trip across Canada that includes stolen cars, road rage and attempted murder.

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SmartDriver 2: Trouble Load

Mark is looking forward to some well-earned time off, but things rarely go as planned. His rig breaks down. Then California suddenly becomes the destination. The schedule is tight and he’s in a different country with different rules.

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SmartDriver 3: On Ice

Mark and Jimmy are re-routed to the Northwest Territories, where the safest place is on the ice. Mark and Jimmy learn quickly about the need to be prepared physically and mentally for extreme northern conditions off and on the ice.

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Canadian Association of Supply Chain and Logistics Management
A non-profit organization of business professionals interested in improving logistics management skills.

Canadian Industrial Transportation Association
An international association of industrial and commercial buyers of transportation services.

Canadian. Institute of Traffic & Transportation
The leading provider of professional development and certification in the areas of distribution and logistics.

Canadian Transportation Equipment Association
Promotes excellence in commercial vehicle manufacturing through the development of standard practices and encourages research and development programs to improve component and vehicle design.

The FMA is the only national industry association that promotes legislation through advocacy focusing specifically on freight transportation issues. The primary role is advocacy on behalf of the buyers of freight transportation with all levels of government, carrier groups and with foreign governments and agencies. 
OBAC is a trade association representing professional drivers and owner-operators across the country
The organization is a neutral forum for gathering and exchanging ideas, information and knowledge on Human Resources and best practices in training.
Our focus is on trucking and logistics needs within the freight transportation network.

Women's Trucking Federation of Canada
The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada  (WTFC) is a network that will expand the employment of women drivers across the Canadian Trucking Industry by providing mentoring & advocacy through outreach & continuing education programs developed by professional drivers for professional drivers.


American Trucking Association
Serves and represents the interests of the trucking industry with one united voice.

National Private Truck Council
The American national organization which represents the concerns and issues of companies who use in-house or dedicated truck fleets to support distribution of their products and services.

National Truck Equipment Association 
A knowledge-based resource for manufacturers, distributors and users of commercial trucks and transportation equipment.



Alberta Safety Council

Safety Driven - Trucking Safety Council of BC

Manitoba Safety Services

New Brunswick Safety Services

Newfoundland & Labrador Safety Services

North West Territories Safety Network

Nova Scotia Safety Services

Ontario Safety League

Prince Edward Island Safety Council

Quebec Safety League

Saskatchewan Safety Council

Yukon Safety Network

Canada Safety Council