Private motor truck council of Canada



Members speak out on the value of membership:

“We have received tremendous value as a member of PMTC over the years. Their educational seminars and Annual Conference are affordable and best in class in the transportation industry.”
Kim Richardson, KRTS

"As a member of the PMTC for 12+ years, we have and continue to gain valuable information and input from not only the administrative team but it’s members.  The networking within the PMTC membership and the educational seminars offered, enables you to stay up to date on current and upcoming matters. You are always able to reach out for assistance or guidance in any situation.  The PMTC is an invaluable source for all our transport/service industry requirements."
Shari Lagala, Patene Building Supplies Ltd.

“The PMTC is an invaluable source of information for our organization to understand the challenges our partners encounter to serve their customers. This can be through meetings, conferences, emails, website, or social media. The PMTC functions are also a great way to network with other members to gain more knowledge and what is new in the industry.”
Claudio Venditti, Penske Canada

“In my 15 years of involvement with the PMTC I have come to rely on the organization to provide excellent support on industry wide issues and to be a collective voice for the private trucking community.  Through active participation in the PMTC I have been able to network with other fleets and companies to drive better performance in my organization.”
Kevin Riley, Maple Leaf Foods

“I have been a PMTC member for over 15 years.   When I was in my second private fleet leadership role, I started searching for an organization that would provide information, networking, and regulatory updates which would help build the value of the private fleet and advance my career in the private fleet sector of logistics.   After evaluating my options, the PMTC was the unanimous choice.   The PMTC provided contacts to advance programs, initiate measurements and driver programs that definitely helped our team and improved my success as a Fleet Manager.”
Imre Zalan, Chemtrade Logistics

“Volvo Trucks has been an active member and supporter of PMTC for a number of years. No other association can provide your fleet with professional representation for success along with ensuring a positive image in today’s industry. If a fleet has 10 units or 100 units, all are welcome and represented equally. With 78% of private fleets operating less than 25 units, PMTC plays an important role in communicating and representing the issues of both the large and small fleets. Given today’s regulatory changes, technology advancements and safety improvements, PMTC members enjoy being out ahead and well informed for success in today’s environment.”
John Bowen, Volvo Trucks Canada

"Many PMTC members core products and services fall outside of the transportation sector, however these companies choose to have private fleets to build their businesses. PMTC members are generally retailers, distributors and service providers, that understand transportation plays a major role in their success, efficiency, customer service needs and brand recognition. The PMTC supports these business members as the only national transportation association to represent private fleets. As a member there is great value as PMTC lobbies for your best interests, provides recommendations for your success and keeps the membership informed on trends and transportation related issues."
Ted Dezsenyi, FedEx Ground, Canada Region