Private motor truck council of Canada




  • We ensure your views are heard and represented with all levels of government.
  • Our strong relationship with the government ensures we are involved in consultations on rules and regulations that affect your business. This allows us to help shape the rules to the benefit of the industry and our members. 
  • We provide educational and networking forums at reduced prices for our members. The contacts you will make by being part of our association will prove to be invaluable to your business. 
  • Membership in the PMTC is like having a consulting firm at your fingertips. By simply reaching out by phone or email to our office we can quickly get you an answer for any question you may have. If we don’t have the answer at our fingertips, we can get it quickly as a result of our strong relationship with governments and your fellow members. 
  • We keep our members up to date on key industry information through our electronic communication service. 
  • Free access to educational presentations, benchmarking surveys, discounted services, and much more through the members only section of our website.
  • Job portal to help members find qualified candidates


  • Identifies your company as a supporter of the goals of the Canadian private fleet community and in doing so provides an increased presence with those fleets;
  • Offers opportunities to promote your company at business and social activities of the PMTC. Members consistently describe PMTC functions as the best value in the trucking community;
  • Provides special discounts on advertising and event sponsorship to bring your products and services to the attention of the private fleet community.