Private motor truck council of Canada


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The President’s Award was first introduced at the PMTC 2015 Conference. To be eligible for the award, the recipient must be an employee of a PMTC member company, or a director or representative of the PMTC.

The individual will be judged to have contributed to some or all of the following:

•    made an outstanding contribution to the PMTC or the industry in the last year, or during their career
•    contributed to the development and improvement of the PMTC and the Industry
•    offered leadership in program activities or in a demonstrated commitment to the Council.
•    promoted the core values and benefits of the PMTC to other members or non-members
•    been actively involved in the PMTC and the Transportation Industry as a whole
•    made a positive influence on our Association and Industry
•    promoted the PMTC and acquired new members
•    offered his/her time to assist with the PMTC conference, presentations, activities, ceremonies or any other events

2017 Recipient

  •  Richard Lalonde










Mike Millian (PMTC) , Richard Lalonde


2015 Recipient

  • Bruce J. Richards