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CITT and PMTC Announce Alliance Agreement

September 21, 2021

 CITT and PMTC Announce Alliance Agreement


CITT and the PMTC are pleased to announce we have officially formalized our relationship.

The agreement signals a mutual endorsement and commitment of cooperation between our two organizations, the members of which often share overlapping interests in the area of transportation, distribution and warehousing.

This alliance will empower CITT to develop and deliver even richer educational and credibility-enhancing offerings for Canada’s private fleet owners.


“CITT has always applauded the work the PMTC does on behalf of its member companies, and the value and services it provides” says Pina Melchionna, CITT’s President & CEO. “Many in the CITT community work for or with PMTC members. There are a great number of synergies CITT and the PMTC have in delivering for our memberships and for industry as a whole.” she continued. “What this alliance does is formalize that, making it easier for our respective communities to take advantage of what we offer”.

A high-profile example of this collaboration is the PMTC’s Logistics Management Graduate Program, comprised of select CITT courses, and the Young Leaders Education Bursary Award, through which the PMTC recognizes a promising young leader by covering the cost of select CITT courses.


“The PMTC and CITT have had a close and collaborative relationship for over 6 years now” says Mike Millian, President of the PMTC. “With many PMTC Members also being manufacturers, shippers and operators of warehousing, CITT, who is at the forefront of logistics training and best practices, is a great organization for us to be aligned with. This alliance will have many benefits for both organizations and we look forward to improving upon the great relationship that already exists”


As an initiative of this alliance, CITT invites PMTC member companies to become further involved with CITT by becoming a CITT Endorsed Logistics Employer, conferring talent retention, development and acquisition benefits. Employers interested are advised to contact Daniele at

About CITT 


CITTis industry's most valued and respected source of complete, career-long learning and career-path development open for everyone who buys, sells or manages the flow of goods and product, or is impacted by supply chain logistics. CITT provides: 

·           Professional certification in logistics (the CCLP designation) – 

·           Logistics and business management courses – 

·           Industry’s top-rated annual Canada Logistics Conference –  

·           SCL Webinar Series -   

·           Professional SCL Talent Pool  

CITT learning and professional development offerings are all affordable, accessible online and have the best ROI in the business. Visit the CITT website at for more information. 







About the PMTC  

Established in 1977, by six visionary private fleet managers who wanted a voice, the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) is the only Canadian association dedicated to the interests of private & dedicated fleet operators.

The PMTC provides forums for fleet operators and industry stakeholders to exchange views and resolve issues together and is at the forefront in representing your views to government, protecting your rights, and promoting your interests.


The PMTC is recognized as the voice of private trucking in Canada. We regularly field calls from trade and general press seeking PMTC opinions on subjects of interest to the trucking industry.

Many describe the PMTC as the best membership value in the Canadian transportation community.



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