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Time for an announced ELD deferral is now!

November 19, 2020

Time for an announced ELD deferral is now!

Regular readers of this column will be fully aware of the PMTC’s concerns on ELD timelines & our concerns over Transport Canada’s refusal at this point to meaningfully address these concerns as the compliance deadline continues to approach at a rapid pace. The PMTC is not a lone voice in the woods here, as at least 5 other Canadian Transportation Industry associations have also raised similar concerns with TC, as well as our US counterparts, the National Private Truck Council. You may be asking, why write about this again? Fair question, and the answer is, this is an important topic, and as the deadlines have continued to approach, with no certified devices available, it WILL cause major chaos and disruption to the Canadian Transportation Industry, and it must be addressed in a timely fashion in order to avoid this.

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