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June 15, 2018




The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada inducted 3 exceptional drivers into the HALL OF FAME FOR PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS during its annual conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario on June 14th, 2018.


The Hall of Fame is sponsored by CPC Logistics Canada. Drivers from PMTC member companies are recognized for superior over the road performance over an extended period of time. The Hall of Fame provides a permanent recognition of their abilities and can be found on the PMTC website at


“The skills of professional truck drivers are evident to all road users, and are especially valued by their employers,” said PMTC President Mike Millian. “These professionals compile safe driving records that are beyond amazing, considering all the adverse conditions they face every day, but only a select few can equal the caliber of the drivers in the Hall of Fame. The industry salutes these individuals and we are pleased to honor them today.”


The 2018 inductees are David Armstrong driving for CPC Logistics Canada, assigned to the John Deere Fleet, Rob Bentall, driving for Home Hardware Stores Ltd., and John McCallum,  driving for Praxair Canada. Together, these 3 individuals have amassed 104 years, and over 16 million kilometers of accident free driving.


The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada and CPC Logistics Canada are pleased to induct these three professionals into the Hall of Fame for Professional Drivers.


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Note: Attached are background notes on each driver selected for the Hall of Fame for Professional Drivers in 2018


David Armstrong

David began his driving career at the age of 16 and has dedicated himself to experience everything this profession has to offer. David has driven in every state and province in North America except New Foundland and Hawaii. He has pulled dry vans, flat decks, tankers, livestock trailers, singles, doubles & trains. Dave has been assigned to the John Deere Fleet for over 30 years, and is consistently in the top 10 for annual driver mileage every year. He likes to keep his truck spotless, and always takes time to help his fellow drivers & provide direction as needed. Dave is well liked and respected by everyone in the fleet.

Away from work, David and his wife Vonna are dedicated to their family, are active in their church, and in their community. When Dave does have spare time, he loves to dabble in old cars!


Rob Bentall

Rob has been employed with Home Hardware Stores for 34 years, and has been accident free for the last 32 years, while amassing over 6.5million kilometers.

Rob’s career began at Home Hardware on June 5th of 1984. He recalls that only 2 people worked in dispatch at the time, and all bills and paperwork were handwritten. His first truck at Home Hardware was a cab over Chevy Titan. For his first year Rob ran all day trips. After this introduction to the role, Rob began to run a steady diet of the east coast, and over his career Rob delivered to stores in Manitoba, Northern Ontario, Quebec & the Maritimes. When Rob started he was a young looking 145 lb guy, and was often questioned if he was old enough to drive the rig. Rob recalls on one trip to Russel Manitoba, he took his dad with him. Two weeks later when he returned to the same store, they asked where his dad was, as they thought he was the driver & Rob was just there to help.

Rob has served on the accident review committee at Home Hardware over his career, and also spent 7 years as a judge at the Fergus truck show. Rob has always been willing to help his fellow drivers during his career, and as a result has changed many a tire for motorists in distress. When not on the road, Rob volunteers at his son Nathan’s school, and helps with school outings. Rob and Sharon also have a boat at Penatang, and they enjoy spending time there with family whenever they can.

John McCallum

John’s exemplary driving career spans 42 years, the last 25 of which have been at Praxair. During his time, John has lived the long stretch of the open road, as well as the busy city streets. During this time, he has amassed 5 million km’s, drove in 46 US states & all Canadian Provinces. John has received the gold level of excellence from the SAAQ, which recognizes drivers of heavy vehicles whose conduct is exemplary in terms of road safety.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of Praxair, and when you handle cryogenic gases, it has to be. In addition to John’s impeccable road safety record, in his 25 years at Praxair he has never had a workplace injury or incident. This can be attributed to his discipline in following operational procedures at all times. John is looked up to by fellow drivers and he always does his best to mentor new employees.

In his personal life, John and his wife Tracy have successfully raised 5 children, who so far have provided them with 4 beautiful grand kids.

 John has always tried to provide the best for his family, despite the amount of time his job has required him to be away.

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