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2017 PMTC Private Fleet Safety Awards

June 16, 2017

For release on June 16, 2017


The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada and Aviva Canada announced awards for private fleet safety during the PMTC’s annual conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario on June 15, 2017.

The competition is open to all Canadian private carriers, and membership in the PMTC is not a requirement.    Judging is conducted by an independent panel and follows established criteria with a focus on the company’s overall safety regime and it’s over the road record.

The 2017 award winners were:
Mid-Sized Fleet, under 75 Power Units: John Deere Canada ULC
Large Fleet, 75 and over Power Units: Home Hardware Stores Limited
Most Improved Fleet: Superior Propane

“The members of the PMTC appreciate the support of Aviva for these private fleet safety awards.  The awards are a tangible sign of the commitment of Aviva and the PMTC to truck safety, a commitment that has been part of the PMTC’s mandate since our inception in 1977. 

The process of applying for one of these awards provides a type of checklist for fleet managers to see what the best in class fleets are doing to maintain their safety programs”, said PMTC President Mike Millian.

“Along with Aviva, we at the PMTC congratulate the management and drivers of these fleets,” Millian went on to say.  “The efforts of everyone involved with these fleets, and many others in the PMTC membership, points to their desire to keep road safety foremost in their operations.  All of the 2017 award winners deserve our congratulations.”

Millian also expressed the PMTC’s appreciation to Aviva for making these awards possible, saying that “Aviva is an example of a company that promotes and supports the safe operation of truck fleets –  we, along with the trucking community, appreciate their involvement and support.”

Additional information on award winners follows.

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John Deere ULC has operated its private fleet in Canada for over 40 years.  It consists of 52 power units and 140 trailers running 10.8 million kilometers per year.   The fleet distributes agricultural parts throughout Canada and the United States.  It is C-TPAT, CSA, and FAST approved. The fleet personnel includes 71 employees, of which 67 are drivers supplied by CPC Logistics Canada. As a five-time winner of the Private Fleet Safety Award, John Deere has demonstrated a strong commitment to safety in its operations. The company has a written safety policy that is updated annually.  Prior experience, education, and reference checks all factor into the hiring process.  Potential new-hires for driving positions must have 3 years of verifiable driving experience, are required to submit current driver and CVOR abstracts, undergo a pre-employment medical, drug and alcohol screening, and must pass a written and road test.  New hires receive 2 days of in-house training on company procedures, product handling, and safety practices.  Drivers are trained and certified on TDG, HOS, and CSA regulations and participate in quarterly safety meetings. John Deere also uses Electronic Logs, and utilizes EOBR’s to monitor its driver’s compliance with speed limits.  John Deere conducts a full investigation into every incident involving the fleet, including written reports, interviews and remedial training where required.  The company also offers a broad-based safety related awards program for the drivers. All of this effort pays dividends as the John Deere fleet has a CVOR violation rate of only 5.48%.


Home Hardware Stores Ltd has operated one of the most visible private fleets in Canada for over 53 years. Home Hardware consists of 155 fleet related personnel, including 126 professional drivers. The fleet consists of 141 tractors, 509 trailers, and 6 straight trucks, and in the current year they operated 18.4 million kilometers. Selection of new drivers for Home Hardware consists of a review of their application, current driver and CVOR abstracts. This is followed up by two interviews, as well as reference checks. The driver will then go through a road test. New drivers receive 3 days of in class orientation training, followed by loading dock training, and a minimum of 3 days accompanied by a driver coach.  A formal performance review is undertaken with the driver after 3 months, and if performance is acceptable, the driver is then offered full time employment. Home Hardware also has annual driver safety meetings, as well as safe driver banquet meetings, and ongoing training sessions throughout the year. Home Hardware is also heavily involved in the Regional and Provincial Truck Driving Championships, and encourages its drivers to compete and become involved.  All accidents or incidents are reported immediately, reviewed by a direct supervisor, and the driver will then be interviewed. In addition, all accidents are reviewed quarterly by an accident review committee that consists of management members and a committee of drivers, elected by their peers. The committee will make a determination on preventability and on the driver’s eligibility for the companies’ safe driving awards and bonus.  Home Hardware has a safe driving bonus program and a profit sharing bonus based on a number of factors. Home Hardware operates under the CSA Carrier Management System. To maintain their certificate of qualification they are required to be internally audited, as well as being audited externally by CSA/QMI annually at two of their locations. This audit is very similar to going through a full compliance audit.  Home Hardware currently has a CVOR rating of 14.6%. As a 7-time winner of the PMTC Fleet Safety Awards, Home Hardware has stood the test of time!


Superior Propane has operated its private fleet in Canada for over 60 years.  It consists of 29 tractors, 42 trailers and 556 straight trucks, running 21.3 million km’s last year.   The fleet delivers propane from coast to coast in Canada to residential and commercial customers, as well as having technicians on staff who install and service the tanks.   The fleet consists of 700 fleet related employee’s, of which 600 are professional drivers.  The company has a written safety policy that is reviewed bi-annually.
Potential new-hires for driving positions are required to submit current criminal record checks, driver and CVOR abstracts, undergo a pre-employment medical, drug and alcohol screening, and references are checked. If they meet the pre-screen qualifications a road test will be conducted.  Orientation & Training is captured by a system called Driver Passport. This is a central and confidential location that ensures all drivers receive the necessary legislated and company required training and orientation training needed. It also contains key contacts, sign offs for all training and outlines responsibilities. Superior conducts a full investigation into every incident involving the fleet, including written reports, interviews and remedial training where required.  The company also offers a broad-based safety related awards program for the drivers. Drivers who reach 5 years accident free receive a pin, gift certificate and jacket. They also receive pins and certificates yearly. For each year after 5 they receive another gift certificate in increments of $50, as well as another jacket.   All of this effort has paid dividends for Superior, as their amazing improvement in their CVOR has indicated. Superior had a CVOR rating of 39.8% in 2015, and this has improved every year to its current number of 21.85%. That is a reduction in violation percentage of 18% in 2 short years!

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